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Exercising when pregnant

I always loved to exercise every day but when I got pregnant I felt so sick for the first 12 weeks and I couldn't get off the couch. After a while, I started feeling better and I knew I wanted to get back into exercise again, not just for me but also for the baby. This blog has some tips on types of exercise to suit every type of pregnancy, whether you feel great or whether you feel terrible and can hardly move. I hope it inspires other pregnant mamas to get out there and starting exercising more during their pregnancies.


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Three Reasons to Try CrossFit

CrossFit is a type of exercise that was developed several years ago. Here are three reasons why you might want to give it a try.

You'll never get bored

Many people struggle to maintain a consistent fitness routine because they find the repetitiveness of their chosen exercise to be quite boring. Performing the exact same movements, in the exact same order, over and over again can quickly become tiresome.

If you are one of these people, then it might be worth trying out CrossFit, as this type of exercise provides a huge amount of variety. CrossFit incorporates functional movements from many other forms of exercise, including, but not limited to, running, weightlifting and gymnastics.

The variety of the movements, coupled with the speed and intensity with which they are performed, means that there is no opportunity for you to become bored during a session.

You'll become part of a supportive community

Working out on your own can be lonely and challenging, particularly on those days when you're feeling tired or stressed out.

Without the support of other people, it can be all too tempting to either take it easy during your workout or to skip it entirely. This can then lead to you getting out of the habit of exercising, which might, in turn, result in you giving it up completely.

One of the key benefits of CrossFit is that it fosters a sense of community; this type of exercise is almost always done in a group setting, under the supervision of a certified trainer.

This means that on those days when you're feeling unmotivated, you'll have a team of supportive peers around you, encouraging you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, regardless of how tired or stressed you happen to be feeling.

It's a highly effective and efficient way to get fitter

Not all forms of exercise are equal; some (such as running and swimming) are better at improving your cardiovascular fitness, others (such as weightlifting) are more effective at increasing your muscular strength, whilst activities like yoga are mostly aimed at enhancing your flexibility.

CrossFit can enable you to increase your overall fitness levels in one fell swoop. It can drastically improve not only your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility but also your levels of agility, coordination and speed.

As such, rather than say, jogging, lifting weights, and going for several yoga classes every week, it might be more effective and efficient to simply go to your local CrossFit centre three or four times a week.